When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Knowing when it’s time to fight back with a criminal defense attorney

If you enjoy watching crime dramas, you’ve probably seen one in which a defendant forgoes professional representation and attempts to fight the charges against him on his own. While this is common in film and TV, it’s much less common in real life. This is because hiring a lawyer puts you in the best possible position to secure a favorable outcome in your case.

What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

Criminal defense attorneys have several important duties. Contrary to popular belief, the act of arguing a case before a judge is just one of the many responsibilities that a competent lawyer brings to the table. The broad outlines of an attorney’s work include:

• Understanding the circumstances of your case
• Analyzing the evidence against you as well as evidence that supports your side of the story
• Understanding how legal statutes and precedent affect your case
• Making the strongest possible case for your innocence

Building a Case From the Ground Up

In some cases, evidence is easy to come by. In such instances, your attorney will work tirelessly to analyze and present it in the best possible light. In cases that feature a lack of evidence to support your claim, your attorney will seek sources of evidence that may have been overlooked as well as potential witnesses who have yet to come forward.

What About Appeals?

If your case ends unfavorably, you may be entitled to appeal the verdict to a higher court. Under these circumstances, it’s very important to work with an attorney who has experience with the criminal appeals process. In an appeal, your lawyer will evaluate existing evidence as well as new information that comes to light before presenting it in compelling fashion to the court.

What Are the Consequences of Failing to Hire an Attorney?

Although the media is rife with stories of defendants representing themselves in court, this strategy just isn’t as likely to produce a favorable outcome as you imagine. The potential drawbacks to self-representation include:

• Lack of courtroom experience among most defendants
• Fewer resources to track down hidden evidence and witnesses
• Lack of knowledge of legal precedent and statutes
• Higher probability of an unfavorable outcome in your case

Find an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Neenah and Appleton, WI

If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to understand the gravity of your situation. However, it’s just as key to realize that it’s possible for you to beat the charges against you. Hiring a competent criminal defense attorney puts you in the best possible position to do so. If you’re interested in learning more about defense representation in your specific case, call us or fill out the online contact form.