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This is How You File a Complaint Against an Insurance Company in Wisconsin

Everything You Need to Know to File a Successful Complaint

You rely on your insurance company to take care of you if you’re injured in an accident or if your property is damaged. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always treat their clients as well as they should. If you’re having problems with your insurer, you’ll need to file a complaint against the company and may even need to work with a qualified attorney to get the help you need.

The Basics of Filing an Insurance Complaint in Wisconsin

All drivers in Wisconsin are required to carry insurance that covers their cars and some degree of personal injury. Thanks to Obamacare, adults are also required to secure health insurance coverage. This means that you’re working with insurance companies more than ever, but it doesn’t mean that those companies are always going to work in your favor.

When you buy a policy, you’re signing a contract with an insurance company. That contract assigns certain responsibilities to you such as paying your bill and keeping information about your home, vehicles and health up to date. Such contracts also oblige insurance companies to compensate you if you’re injured or your property is damaged. The details vary from policy to policy, so make sure that you understand what your policy provides for before you sign the contract.

If you’ve reviewed your policy and find that your insurance company has shortchanged you, it’s time to make a complaint with the state. Filing a complaint is easy and can be done online. The office of the State’s Commissioner of Insurance will review your complaint and work with both you and the insurance company to reach a resolution.

In most cases, you’ll follow these steps when making a complaint against an insurance company:

1.    Fill out the complaint form and file it online or via fax or mail.
2.    Wait up to 25 days for the insurance company to respond.
3.    Allow the commissioner’s office to review all information and reach a decision.
4.    Determine if you are satisfied with the company’s offer.

You can also review the current Insurance Complaints and Administrative Actions report before choosing a company. This will help you steer clear of companies that have a history of treating their customers unfairly.

Do You Need an Attorney to Help with Your Insurance Complaint?

If you’ve tried making a complaint against an insurance company and couldn’t secure a resolution, it might be time to work with an attorney. Remember that insurance litigation is incredibly complex. It’s best to work with a law firm that has experience helping clients in the Appleton and Neenah, WI areas with insurance problems. Contact the experienced team at HBO Law Firm if you need any help with your insurance complaint. A link to the commissioner’s office and other helpful links are located on our Resources tab.